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Do not go waste your money on a lawyer and file a lawsuit, for the love of God. Just pick up the phone and call us.

GoDaddy counsel Christine Jones, testifying last year at one of the one-sided SOPA hearings. Quoted on Steve Worona’s blog on the occasion of Wikipedia’s complete transition away from GoDaddy as host for its domains.

PIPA, SOPA and OPEN Act Quick Reference Guide


In case you missed it, our Assoc. Director in the Office of Government Relations, Corey Williams created this helpful PIPA, SOPA and OPEN Act Quick Reference Guide (pdf). If you’re just looking for tl;dr – The ALA will continue to voice strong opposition to PIPA and SOPA, while further analysis of the OPEN Act is needed.

This is a joke. This bill will have very little impact on jobs directly. And of course the money that people don’t pay to the MPAA, they spend somewhere else. So this is about the distribution of jobs, not the number.

Economist Dean Baker’s assessment of the MPAA’s bold claims about job losses due to piracy, in a long but well-worth-it analysis of the SOPA fight over at Huffington Post.


Had a very good time talking with Brian Todd from CNN’s Situation Room about SOPA! If Taylor Hackford’s in any danger of losing his livelihood, I’ll eat my hat. But overall I think it was a fair piece, especially given how little time they had to cover such a complex issue.