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PIPA, SOPA and OPEN Act Quick Reference Guide


In case you missed it, our Assoc. Director in the Office of Government Relations, Corey Williams created this helpful PIPA, SOPA and OPEN Act Quick Reference Guide (pdf). If you’re just looking for tl;dr – The ALA will continue to voice strong opposition to PIPA and SOPA, while further analysis of the OPEN Act is needed.

This is a joke. This bill will have very little impact on jobs directly. And of course the money that people don’t pay to the MPAA, they spend somewhere else. So this is about the distribution of jobs, not the number.

Economist Dean Baker’s assessment of the MPAA’s bold claims about job losses due to piracy, in a long but well-worth-it analysis of the SOPA fight over at Huffington Post.

We are happy to report that the U.S. Congress—with the apparent silent support of the White House—is well on its way to creating a massive new Internet filtering regime that will more than legitimize the expansion of our own extensive online censorship efforts.

CCIA’s Ed Black writes a scathing critique of SOPA by way of a fictional intercepted cable from a Chinese diplomat.

Rojadirecta argues that, because ‘there is no way to communicate the availability of these alternative sites on the .org or .com domains … the vast majority of users will simply stop visiting the sites altogether.’ This argument is unfounded — Rojadirecta has a large internet presence and can simply distribute information about the seizure and its new domain names to its customers.

Apparently the judge in the Puerto 80 case did not get the memo explaining how effective domain name seizures are in deterring access to rogue sites.