ARL Policy Notes
More about this blog.
  1. ARL Policy Notes is a blog of the Association of Research Libraries Influencing Public Policies strategic direction. 
  2. It is curated by Krista Cox, the Director of Public Policy Initiatives at ARL. 
  3. There will occasionally be guest posts by other folks, but if there is no author listed for an ordinary blog post, you can assume Krista wrote it. 
  4. This is a tumblr blog, so it will frequently feature posts that are quotations or links from elsewhere on the Web. Please do not infer from any link or quote that ARL endorses the views quoted or linked to. The purpose of the blog is to curate and share interesting views on all the subjects that ARL and its members care about in the public policy arena, and there are many views that are interesting, worth discussion, and nevertheless wrong! 
  5. The posts on this blog represent the views of their authors (or the linked pages), not any of ARL’s member institutions.
  6. If you have any questions, ask here.
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