New Advocacy and Public Policy Update

A new ARL Advocacy and Public Policy Update (June 18, 2015) is now available.  This issue covers key advocacy and public policy issues from mid-April to mid-June 2015 as well as a list of new ARL resources.  Below is the summary and contents from the update.  The full text is available here.

Issues concerning copyright and intellectual property include draft legislation proposing to make the US Copyright Office, now in the Library of Congress, an independent agency in the Executive Branch; a report by the Copyright Office on orphan works and mass digitization; action by the Copyright Board of Canada; and a revised policy by Elsevier concerning the sharing of research articles. The US House of Representatives acted recently on National Science Foundation (NSF) appropriations as well as reauthorization with a focus on reducing funding for the social and behavioral sciences. Intense activity on privacy and surveillance legislation in the US dominated much of the month of May with the expiration of key provisions relating to surveillance authorities of the Executive Branch. Items related to two international treaties—one concerning fast-track authority for the President to negotiate treaties and the second regarding exceptions for the visually impaired—remain key agenda items of the US Congress and the Administration. Finally, Dr. Billington announced that he will step down as Librarian of Congress on January 1, 2016.


  • Copyright and Intellectual Property
    • Proposal to Establish the Copyright Office as an Independent Agency
    • Orphan Works and Mass Digitization Report
    • Copyright Board of Canada Certification of Low Tariff
  • Elsevier Sharing Policy
  • Appropriations
    • NSF Funding and Reauthorization Privacy and Surveillance
  • Surveillance Reform
  • International Treaties
    • Trade Promotion Authority
    • Marrakesh Treaty
  • Librarian of Congress to Retire Jan.1, 2016